TMP Construction Impacts

TMP Construction Impacts

The goal of Terminal Modernization Program is to transform the airport to reflect and serve the Pittsburgh community, to inspire the airport industry, and to advance the region’s role as a world leader. As changes take place from now until our 2023 grand opening, passengers, employees and others may be impacted by construction. Find the latest updates below.

Date* Impact Description
June 15, 2020 Employee Parking Relocation

Employee parking, currently located next to the former E Gates, near the Alternate Security Checkpoint, must be relocated to clear the construction site. Employee parking will be relocated to the long-term lot near the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport hotel through the duration of construction. This location ensures walking access to the terminal through a safe and convenient route.

Parking Relocation Map

April 23, 2020 Contractor Mobilization for Early Site Access

The construction site will be isolated from active airport operations and public areas to limit impacts the passengers and employees. As part of this early site prep work, crews will:
– Establish site access roadways and equipment haul routes
– Install new security gates and fencing
– Deconstruct portions of the former E Gates
– Set up construction trailer complex
– Install new service elevator in Concourse D
– Modify the airport’s underground fuel line

TMP Future Construction Site & Equipment Haul Route Map

November, 2019 West Ramp Closed & Passenger Boarding Bridges Removed The new Landside Terminal and Multi-Modal Complex will be built between Concourses C and D, therefore the West Ramp was closed in preparation for construction. In addition, 12 Passenger Boarding Bridges, or jet bridges, were removed from the gates that faced the West Ramp. Four were repurposed to replace aging jet bridges on Concourse B.  The remaining will be sold and/or used for parts.

* Dates are subject to change