The Transformation has Begun

Check back frequently to see time-lapse videos and images showing all the progress at the site and watch the transformation taking place.

Construction Progress

Three construction cameras installed by Multi-Vista, a Pittsburgh-based provider, mounted on the roof of Concourses C and D and the Landside Terminal, are providing a bird’s eye view of the Terminal Modernization Program.

Watch as we prepare the site for construction of a new 811,000-square-foot terminal and multi-modal complex that includes a five-story parking garage and rental car customer service building that will improve the customer experience and modernize the airport with new tech-forward, sustainable and health-conscious facilities.


Construction Progress

January 2022 – Nearly 97% of auger cast piles are complete, and almost 50 of the 131 structural caissons are finished; Work on foundation pile caps has started with about 400 cubic yards of concrete poured

February 2022The drilling operation continued for a total of 109 of 130 caissons complete; 1,402 of 1,438 auger piles finished; 1,398 of 3,200 cubic yards of concrete for pile caps placed; more than 75 percent of structural steel on fabrication site.

• March 2022 – The first steel beam was placed this month, and crane lifts accomplished the installation of steel girders. Embedded plate girders were also positioned in March, and work finished on terminal caissons. Thirty-eight percent of the new terminal’s foundations are complete.

• April 2022Placement of concrete for pile caps and grade beams continues. Terminal bridge foundations are underway. Work on roadway modifications has started.

• May 2022 – 75% of pile caps – reinforced concrete slabs that help create a stable foundation – were completed. Rebar was placed for underground foundations, and the terminal front bridge foundations were also installed.

• June 2022 – Rebar installation for underground foundations of the new terminal continued and crews lifted and placed 36- and 39-ton steel beams over the train tunnel.

• July 2022 –  25 of the 27 embedded plate girders and more than half of the concrete for grade beams were placed. Structural slabs were also reinforced by large concrete pours for the placement of steel that will be installed in August.

• August 2022Construction began to go vertical and the foundations for the roadway in front of the new 811,000 square foot terminal have been completed.

September 2022 – Construction on the new terminal focused on activities critical to taking the structure vertical. Foundation and concrete work have progressed, with steel installation, including decking and detailing, underway.

October 2022 – Excavation and backfill in the new terminal footprint continued, and the utility corridor walls were demolished. Most of the bridge piers for the elevated roadways have been installed.

November 2022 – All 127,000 square feet of concrete for structural slabs have been placed. Rebar installation for underground foundations continues across the project.

December 2022 – The positioning of geofoam (a lightweight material used as a soil replacement), the arrival of the first of 96 tub girders (part of the roadway structure) and the first elevated deck slab concrete placement took place this month.

January 2023 – All foundation work, including pile caps and grade beams, was completed on the site of the new terminal. There were also multiple concrete pours. More than half of the Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls for the new roadway system are in place.

February 2023 – February saw plenty of progress on PIT’s new terminal, Multi-Modal Complex parking garage, and front bridge as more materials continued to arrive on-site.

2021 Early Site Construction Progress

April – Barricades and safe driving lanes on the west ramp between Concourses C and D are established; Saw-cutting concrete on the ramp for slab removal begins

May – Removal of some 300,000-square-feet of material to prepare for the new terminal’s foundations begins

June – Workers use an impact roller to break up large sections of concrete that will be crushed into smaller aggregate and reused to build new roadways

July – The pile of removed concrete continues to grow, as you can see on the right-hand side in the video; Underground fuel line modifications are made for future operations

• August/September – Electrical line installations and underground utility work commence; Installation of construction trailers begins, Geotechnical boring of probe holes and test piles start for future work on new terminal foundations

October – A celebratory groundbreaking event marks the shift from early construction site prep work to the beginning of heavy construction; watch as the large event tent goes up and comes down at the top right

November/December – Caisson and foundation support drilling starts after test borings; Mass excavation is underway to prepare the terminal foundations; Utility line work continues; 85,000 tons of concrete has been removed and crushed for future roadways


Construction Site Still Image Gallery

During the celebratory groundbreaking employee events in October, which signified the official start of TMP construction, attendees were invited to be a part of history by signing their names and sharing thoughts for the future airport on paper tags. The tags were affixed to a rebar rod and buried on site, making all those who have played such a significant role in advancing the TMP literally part of the foundation of this massive endeavor.

Benefits for the Region

The long-term goal of the TMP is to create a smarter, more modern, more cost-efficient airport that will help reduce costs for airlines and attract more flights, more tourists, and more businesses to the region. In the short-term, the region can expect thousands of jobs created and more than $1 billion in economic activity.


Benefits for Passengers

By addressing these inefficiencies through the TMP, passengers will experience a more efficient journey that will help them get them through security quicker, arrive at their gate sooner, collect their bags faster and enjoy their journey through an airport that looks and feels like it belongs in Pittsburgh.