The Transformation has Begun

Check back frequently to see time-lapse videos and images showing all the progress at the site and watch the transformation taking place.

Construction Progress

Three construction cameras installed by Multi-Vista, a Pittsburgh-based provider, mounted on the roof of Concourses C and D and the Landside Terminal, are providing a bird’s eye view of the Terminal Modernization Program. Beginning April 1, 2021, contractors including Independence Excavating, West Moreland Electric and W.G. Tomko began early site construction and the first steps in preparing the future site for building a new 700,000 square foot terminal, a new five-story parking garage and rental car facilities that will improve the customer experience and modernize the airport with new tech-forward, health-conscious facilities.

April-August 2021

In April, contractors set up barricades and safe driving lanes on the west ramp between Concourses C and D. They also began saw-cutting concrete on the ramp for slab removal.
In May, we began the concrete removal of some 300,000 square feet of material to prepare for the new terminal’s foundations.
In June, workers used an impact roller to break up concrete that will be crushed and reused to build new roads as part of the TMP.
In July, the pile of concrete removed continued to grow as you can see on the right hand side in the video below.

Watch for more time-lapse videos and other construction news coming soon.


Construction Site Still Image Gallery

Benefits for the Region

The long-term goal of the TMP is to create a smarter, more modern, more cost-efficient airport that will help reduce costs for airlines and attract more flights, more tourists, and more businesses to the region. In the short-term, the region can expect thousands of jobs created and more than $1 billion in economic activity.


Benefits for Passengers

By addressing these inefficiencies through the TMP, passengers will experience a more efficient journey that will help them get them through security quicker, arrive at their gate sooner, collect their bags faster and enjoy their journey through an airport that looks and feels like it belongs in Pittsburgh.