Benefits for the Pittsburgh Region

Pittsburgh deserves a smarter airport—and a more modern, more cost-efficient airport will attract more people and businesses to the region.

Long-Term Benefits

An airport designed for the challenges of tomorrow will reduce its operational costs—and a smarter, more cost-efficient airport will create a ripple effect of opportunities to better serve passengers. These may include attracting more leisure and business travelers to the region, adding more destinations, increasing flight frequency from current air carriers, and adding new airlines—especially internationally.

These developments will result in more visitors supporting Pittsburgh’s economy—and eventually, attracting new businesses to stay in or relocate to the Pittsburgh region. It also means getting you where you need to go.

Construction Jobs

The TMP is expected to add nearly 14,300 direct and indirect jobs to the region, including more than 6,000 direct temporary design and constructions jobs. These figures comprise two phases of the project: 563 jobs in the preconstruction design phase (2018–2019) and 5,548 jobs during the construction phase (2021–2024).

Indirectly, it is estimated that more than 6,500 temporary spin-off jobs in the region will be created. These jobs will support the purchase of supplies and services, as well as the spending of wages earned by workers.

Economic Impact

The TMP project itself is expected to generate approximately $2.5 billion in economic activity, including $1 billion in direct labor income (2021 values), $700 million (2021 values) in gross regional product/value for the region and approximately $27 million in state and local income tax.
In the end, the TMP will extend the life of the facility by 40 years—all without using a single local tax dollar.

Benefits for Passengers

The TMP will provide Pittsburgh International Airport passengers with a more efficient journey that will help them get them through security quicker, arrive at their gate sooner, collect their bags faster and enjoy their journey through an airport that looks and feels like it belongs in Pittsburgh.


Facts & Figures

How can the impact of the Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) be quantified?
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