Benefits for Passengers

A more efficient journey. Facilities designed for the future. A transformation befitting a region that continues to reinvent itself.

Keeping What Works

As the first of many solutions that comprise the Terminal Modernization Program (TMP), Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is keeping what works. By retaining the center core and PIT’s distinctive “X” design in the airside terminal, free Wi-Fi, as well as well-received local culture and performing arts programs, the TMP retains the most efficient structures and popular amenities that are currently offered.

Improving Where Needed

The Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) will create a more efficient, more enjoyable experience for anyone coming to, traveling through and departing from Pittsburgh International Airport.

The TMP will reduce wait and travel times for passengers to get to their gates and wait times for their bags. It will add plentiful, close-in and covered parking, a new dedicated cell phone lot, as well as larger, streamlined TSA screening areas. It will also eliminate the people mover and provide new passenger and baggage check-in and baggage claim facilities. The TMP’s simplified design and improved signage will ensure that navigation through the airport is easy and intuitive.

Enhancing the Passenger Experience

All of these changes will mean that all travelers will get through security more efficiently, arrive at their gates sooner and collect their bags faster.

In particular, the TMP will offer significant improvements for international arrivals by eliminating duplicative processes and improving the flow through immigration, customs, and baggage claim.

The Team

The people behind the TMP blend the creativity, know-how, and insights of experts from the Pittsburgh region, the international community and the Allegheny County Airport Authority. Meet the team that’s working to create a better passenger experience and deliver real opportunity for the region.


Business Opportunties

Allegheny County Airport Authority is seeking companies who wish to support the success of the TMP. Browse current RFPs and more opportunities.