Facts & Figures

How can the impact of the Terminal Modernization Program be quantified? Here are some key facts and figures.

Program Fact Sheet

Click on the link below to download our Program Fact Sheet. (As of February 2024.)

TMP Fact Sheet


Construction Jobs

The Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) is expected to reshape the future of Pittsburgh International Airport, but it is also bringing value to the region in many forms including:

  • An expected addition of 14,300 direct and indirect jobs
  • Creation of more than 7,800 direct temporary design and constructions jobs, including:
    • 563 jobs in the pre-construction design phase 
    • 5,548 jobs during the construction phase 
  • Indirect creation of more than 6,500 temporary spin-off jobs in the region

Economic Impact

The TMP will deliver long-term economic benefits to the airport and the region, including:

  • Generating approximately $2.5 billion in economic activity
  • $1 billion in direct labor income (2021 values)
  • $700 million (2021 values) in gross regional product/value for the region
  • Generating more than $27 million in state and local income tax
  • Extending the life of the facility by 40 years—all without using a single local tax dollar

Passenger Impact

For passengers, the TMP will create a more efficient and enjoyable experience. Enhancements include:

  • Increasing the main security checkpoint area
  • Reducing the time it takes to get from curbside to airside by 50 percent
  • Increasing area for concessions and retail
  • Increasing covered parking by 3x the amount of current spots
  • Reducing the time it takes to get from International Arrivals to curbside by 67 percent
  • A dedicated Ground Transportation Center
  • One Meeter/Greeter location for less confusion
  • Only one level change from curb to gates

News Releases

Stay updated on the latest news about the TMP by browsing recent news releases from Allegheny County Airport Authority.


Why It’s Happening

Pittsburgh deserves a world-class airport that not only evokes the essence of Pittsburgh but also can be efficiently managed and operated. Such an airport will reduce its operational costs, which will have a ripple effect, creating numerous opportunities to better serve passengers. This new, one-of-a-kind airport will be the gateway to our one-of-a kind city—and an airport that every Pittsburgher will be proud of.